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Crowned Vitta LLC is a multi-disciplinary company serving communities through the concepts of mindfulness, meta-awareness, and meaningful self-relationships and relationships with others. Founder and Owner, Tiara Cash, M.S., MCMA was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She is a former student-athlete who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree from Western Illinois University in Kinesiology with a dual concentration in Sports Psychology and Fitness/Wellness Management. Featured on NPR (National Public Radio), Tiara Cash has a 20 year personal practice and is certified in Koru Mindfulness.

Crowned Vitta LLC has worked with and continues to work with:

Corporate entities such as: ParentPiphany, Astig Planning and TechSolutions

Higher Education institutions such as: Indiana University, USF St. Petersburg, and Pelississippi CC

Non-profit organizations such as: CSO (Community Services Offices), Out for Justice, and Mindfulness First

And, Professional/Institutional committees such as: JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) committee for ACNM.

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Consulting & Curriculum Development

Meet-n-greet (FREE)

30 minute – 1 hour consultations (Contact for Pricing)

Month-to-month contracting available for curriculum building (Contract for Pricing)

With the need for more people-centered work within fields such as business, education, marketing, and health care, our team can bring our Equitable Mindfulness framework* to any consultation, syllabus or curriculum. After a free 30 minute meet-n-greet to discuss your needs and areas of growth, our founder/owner Tiara Cash can work with you on a contract basis to help fill in gaps that keep your organization from fulfilling it’s vision and mission.

*this work is based on our published framework using a three tier approach. Click this link for more details.

Mindfulness Keynotes/Presentations

30 minute – 2 hour mindfulness presentations (Contact for Prices)

In today’s busy world employers and employees alike are searching for self-care tools to help combat stress and burnout in career-life. Those who service low-income and underserved populations have the added component of compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress which could lead to: physical stress, emotional fatigue, and decline in health/wellness. Mindfulness, a practice of present moment experience, has been shown to combat these life stressors and improve focused awareness and moment-to-moment experiences.

Equitable Mindfulness Gatherings

Facilitated Gatherings (Contact for Prices)

Curated gatherings with topics of your choice that follow the Equitable Mindfulness Curriculum Model. These gatherings are usually 1 hour and 15 minutes and are created as a casual space for series conversation around difficult concepts.

TDIEM: Training in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equitable Mindfulness

A partnership with The Tristen Johnson, LLC

2 hour – 4 hour training

This training, enhanced with practices of the Equitable Mindfulness variety, will guide you through concepts and exercises related to key terms of diversity and inclusion practices. Many of our social identities intersect with one another when up against systems of power. Having an understanding of terms like intersectionality and implicit bias and how we have power to dismantle barriers within ourselves and with institutional systems can be help us to navigate life in a more grounded and powerful way.

Tiara Cash is a creator of brave spaces. In her equitable mindfulness gatherings, she invites participants to show up just as they are. She uses her mindfulness practice and her passion for equitable wellbeing to cultivate a space of respect, vulnerability and courage. What I love most about the space that she creates is that she does not control it or create a rigid agenda for specific lessons. Instead, she allows people to show up just as they are and allows discussion and perspectives to enter the space naturally. She holds space for what is and helps folks navigate what is present. In these spaces everyone is the teacher and the student, and what comes up connects us deeply to ourselves and others.

Hanna Layton, Thrive Consultancy Inc.Equitable Mindfulness Gatherings

Tiara creates a safe place. Not only does she set the tone for self-examination, comfort, and healing, she merges strength and relatability to those around her. Her interactions with our student-athletes allowed them to safely introspect in mediums that they had probably never felt solace or acceptance within. Tiara is always organized, innovative, adaptable, and open. She brings reassurance and positive views to the tasks at hand. It was a pleasure to see her be a refuge and help integrate a place of personal preservation into our student athletes. She gave them tools they can use throughout their lives.

Shay Taylor, Sun Devil AthleticsEquitable Mindfulness for Athletes

I have been to several Equitable Mindfulness sessions on diverse topics such as trauma, general mindfulness, and othering and belonging. I’ve enjoyed the rituals at the beginning, the grounding work that happens, the creation of a safe space through verbal agreement of conversation boundaries, the way silence and discussion are embraced equally, the non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere (sitting in a circle, coffee available, friendly hellos and goodbyes), and the way delicate topics find their ways into our individual and group healing.

Anonymous ParticipantEquitable Mindfulness Gathering

Tiara gave a mindfulness presentation to my colleagues and I this month and it was amazing. This was an opportunity for us to decompress, as we are constantly on the go even working from home. Tiara was patient and answered any questions that we had about mindfulness. I’d definitely attend another session with her.

Tristen Johnson, EDI Professional Mindfulness Presentation

Tiara Cash’s equitable mindfulness gatherings have been such a powerful source of insight, growth, and togetherness. I look forward to these gatherings, as each one invites participants to dive deeply into conservations that society at large tends to forgo. The space Cash creates is one where both introspection and community connection are alive. The topics are challenging but needed, for the purpose of growth. I am grateful for all I have learned and experienced about myself and my community in through these gatherings. 

Anonymous ParticipantEquitable Mindfulness Gathering

Tiara Cash’s presentation on Equitable Mindfulness is one that everyone can benefit from. Mindfulness is not only helpful in the workplace, but vital in the everyday world. Ms. Cash ensures that her audience is gifted with tools and guidance on how to be more present in the moment and handle the rollercoaster of life with grace. The tools and tips that she has shared, has greatly improved my life and how I manage and deal with stress in the workplace and in the world. The tools that she is providing are invaluable and should be shared with all.

Malorie Turner, CSO (Community Services Offices)Equable Mindfulness Presentation

The source of all wakefulness, the source of all kindness and compassion, the source of all wisdom, is in each second of time. Anything that has us looking ahead is missing the point. – bell hooks

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