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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Cash T.A., Gueci, N., Pipe, T. (in press). Equitable Mindfulness: A Framework for Transformative Conversations in Higher Education. Building Healthy Academic Communities Journal, 5(1).

Cash T.A., Hart, A., Cole, M., Villegas-Gold, M. (in press). Translating Student-Athlete Retirement: An Exploratory Study. The International Journal of Sport and Society, 12(1).

Cash T., Duckworth., A. Kreiger, J. (2020). “You may kiss your bride” – The Curious Amateur Rules Violation of Double Olympic Champion Lee Quincy Calhoun. Journal of Olympic History, 28(3), 30.

Conference Posters & Presentations

Meyerhoefer, T., Bautista, T., Cash, T., Pipe, T. (2020, Oct.). Equitable Mindfulness: The Practice of Mindfulness for All. Conference conducted at the meeting of the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry online and in Fresno, CA.

Bautista, T. G., Cash, T., Dunis, J., Smith, P. G., Young, M., Meyerhoefer, T., & Pipe, T. B. (2019, Nov). Equitable Mindfulness for Social Changes: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Poster presented at the American Public Health Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Cash, T., Suh, B., Dunis, J. (2019, July). Athlete Activism & Intersectionality: Using narrative as a lens for perceptions of division and community. Tenth International Conference on Sport & Society. Conference conducted at the meeting of Common Ground Research Networks Toronto, ON, CA.

Cash, T. (2018, June). PAAST (Post-Athletic Assimilation STress): Making a Case for MindfulnessConference conducted at the meeting of the International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM) in Amsterdam, NE.

Thornton, E. M., Cash, T. A., Proulx, J. P., Helliwell, J. F., Albert, K., & Aknin, L. B. (Accepted). The Intergenerational Classroom (iGen): Can cross-generational interactions enrich social capital, well-being, and prosociality in youth? Poster accepted at the 2021 Virtual Annual Convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

“The source of all wakefulness, the source of all kindness and compassion, the source of all wisdom, is in each second of time. Anything that has us looking ahead is missing the point.” – bell hooks

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